April 2015 star calendar

Star calendar 1–30 April 2015

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1 April   Early tonight, Regulus is 1½ fist-widths to the moon’s upper right high in the east, and Jupiter is another 1½ fist-widths beyond Regulus.

2 April   In the east, Jupiter, Regulus, the moon and Spica line up from upper right to lower left late tonight.

4 April   This morning brings a total lunar eclipse. The eclipse begins as the moon enters Earth’s umbra at 1015 UT. Totality runs from 1157 to 1202 UT, with the last shadow leaving the moon at 1345 UT. Less than half the eclipse will be visible on the East Coast, 75 percent on the West Coast and 100 percent in Western Alaska and Hawaii.

7 April   Just before midnight, the moon rises less than a half-hour before Saturn.

8 April   Low in the west before dawn, the moon and Saturn are in the head of the Scorpion, Scorpius. Saturn is less than a finger-width to the moon’s lower left. Antares is 4 finger-widths to Saturn’s lower left.

19 April   At dusk, Mars is less than 2 finger-widths to the moon’s right. Mercury is less than 2 finger-widths to Mars’ lower right. [Binoculars]

21 April   Mercury is less than a finger-width to Mars’ lower left low in the west this evening. The moon, Venus and Aldebaran form a tight triangle early tonight, with Venus 4 finger-widths to the moon’s right or upper right. Aldebaran is 2 finger-widths to the moon’s lower right. Orion is 1 fist-width to the left.

22 April   Mercury is less than 1 finger-width to Mars’ upper right.

23 April   At dusk, Alhena is 1 finger-width below the moon. Betelgeuse is 1½ fist-widths beyond Alhena. Pollux is about 1½ fist-widths above the moon.

24 April   The moon lies midway between Pollux, 1 fist-width to the upper right, and Procyon, to the lower left.

25 April   The first-quarter moon lies between Procyon, 1½ fist-widths to the lower left, and Jupiter, 4 finger-widths to the upper left.

27 April   High in the south at dusk, Regulus is 2 finger-widths to the moon’s upper left and moving to the moon’s upper right.

28 April   Jupiter, Regulus, the moon and Spica form a nearly straight line in the southeast for several days. Tonight the moon is 1 fist-width to Regulus’ lower left and 4 fist-widths to Spica’s upper right.

29 April    The moon is midway between Regulus and Spica.

30 April   The moon is 1½ fist-widths to Spica’s upper right.

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