USPS News Blast April 2017

2017 Annual Meeting photos available

If you missed the 2017 Annual Meeting in Orlando, Florida, or want to remember the meeting through the images captured by your USPS photographers, visit our online gallery at If you use one of our images for USPS publications, please give the photographer(s) credit for their work. Photo credits are visible as you “mouse over” each photo. Special thanks to Art Dodd and Nina & Guy Anastasio for taking and sharing their images from the 2017 Annual Meeting.  Email: Steve Erickson

Squadron Development news

It was great seeing everyone at the annual meeting. Squadron Development has two sections: Operations and Leadership Training chaired by Mary Dodd and Ed Kridler and Squadron Support and Development chaired by Deborah Rothermel. Each of these subcommittees has many members assisting. In future weeks, we’ll be changing our web page and publishing the names of committee members. Peace out!  Email: Myles Gee

More than 80 First Timers attend 2017 Annual Meeting

More than 80 First Timers attended the 2017 Annual Meeting in Orlando. What a thrill to have such a large group experience what national is all about! Congratulations to the LaRue family for winning the First Timer drawing for a nautical pillow. Thanks to all the volunteers and national officers who helped and attended the meet and greet with this great group of First Timers. Encourage your fellow members to attend their first national meeting by registering as a “First Timer” for the upcoming 2017 Governing Board Meeting in Dallas, Texas! See y’all there!  Email: Lynda Leque

A message from Chief Commander Louie Ojeda

If you can’t get to your district conference, you can view a PDF of the chief commander’s PowerPoint presentation. Feel free to share with our members and continue to enhance our communications.  Email: Luis Ojeda

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Operations Manual has answers

The Operations Manual is being updated with changes passed at the Annual Meeting, including the consolidation of committees. Check it out! Questions? Contact us for information.  Email: Micky McNelis

Celestial Tools V 5.5.0

In response to user requests, two significant feature enhancements have been added to Celestial Tools: 1. The Sight Reduction and Noon Sight tools can now be used with a bubble sextant. (Note that bubble sextants are still not permitted for fulfilling sight folder requirements.) 2. The TVMDC tool can now be used with a small deviation table entered by the user. (Thanks to Capt. Jim Green of Cocoa Beach Sail & Power Squadron for suggesting and testing this enhancement.) In addition, a few minor changes and one bug fix are included in this update. See the Revision History for details. This update can be found at  Email: Stan Klein

Let’s make the water a better place this boating season

The Environmental Committee would like to urge everyone who is boating to practice clean green boating habits. Keep all trash gathered on board and take it ashore when you finish the trip. While out on the water, stop and pickup trash or other man-made items floating in the water. Stop and pickup trash along shorelines. Help with marina and coastal cleanup events. Use portable toilets and discharge your waste at pump stations. Keep absorbent pads on the boat and mop up any small oil spills. Never spray soap on an oil spill. Please send us your suggestions regarding environmental issues of interest to United States Power Squadrons boaters.  Email: Richard Daybell

McMurdo Smartfind EPIRB notice

The McMurdo Group manufactures Smartfind and Kannad Marine EPIRBs for commercial and recreational boaters. Made in England, these devices are popular in the United States. In February 2017, the company reported that the top dome sometimes develops small cracks near the screw inserts. Since this area is outside of the watertight electronics section, the cracks should not affect the performance or overall integrity of the device. The company recommends that you inspect your unit, and if there are any questions to contact its customer support team for advice. Find a service center.   Email: Jeff McKinney

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HeartSine extends Expo pricing for AEDs

Member Benefit Partner, HeartSine Technologies, has extended its USPS Expo special pricing on its 350P ($945) and 450P ($1,345) AEDs until June 30. These are priced significantly below the price available on any website. The 350P & 450P AEDs have the best rating for marine use, are lightweight and economical to maintain. The USPS Safety Committee has recommended that every district and squadron follow the lead of the national organization and have a First Aid Support Team (FAST) program to respond to medical emergencies. An AED is a critical part of FAST program supplies. For more information on purchasing an AED for your district, squadron or personal use, call me at 301-767-5905 or email.  Email: Alan Karpas

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Who was your squadron commander in 2012?

If you’re like me, you might not remember. That’s what makes filing squadron and district history reports so important. Historian Reports should be filed no later than 60 days after your change of watch. When our members get together at squadron and district events, at least one conversation goes like this: “Do you remember when we had that [blank] event?” or “do you remember when we won that … national award?” This type of information should be filed in your reports, so it’s easily retrievable. Don’t let your historical information be lost forever. On another note, if you would like to be part of the Historian section of the Heritage and Protocol Committee, we would really appreciate your efforts. Just click on my name below, drop me a line, and I’ll get you started.  Email: Jerry Zambroski

Submit OD1 and OD2 forms now

District and squadron commanders must submit an OD form whether officers change or not. To submit your OD information, go to, select the correct OD form and submit it no later than April 7.  Email: Lena Padro

Online learning assistance

Instructor Development is looking for members with experience managing and using online learning programs and learning management systems. Please consider sharing your knowledge and experience with the Instructor Development Committee. Please contact me for more information.  Email: Robert Rayburn

USPS Cooperative Charting nautical reporting

Cooperative charting nautical reports will be accepted starting in early April 2017. Look for SailAngle messages informing everyone when the new reporting system is up and running and fully functional.  Email: Thomas J. Peltier

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37% more squadrons grow their membership in 2016

Eighty-five squadrons experienced membership growth in 2016, a 37% increase over 2015. That’s great news for United States Power Squadrons and a sign that we can turn around our overall decline in membership. Squadrons that are growing do so by regularly conducting classes, seminars, and providing opportunities for their members in the classroom and on the water. Spring is the season of renewal, a great time to renew our memberships and our commitment to sharing the benefits of membership with everyone we meet in the classroom and across our communities. Please make a commitment to welcoming someone new to the neighborhood this year!  Email: James Pahl-Washa

Star Calendar April 2017

Star calendar April 2017

1 Apr     High in the west at dusk, Orion is to the lower left of the waxing crescent moon. Magnitude 0.5 Betelgeuse is 1 fist-width to the left while magnitude 0.85 Aldebaran is almost 1 fist-width to the lower right. Mercury, at its greatest elongation, 19 degrees east of the sun, sets more than 1½ hours after the sun and can be seen low in the west at evening twilight.

2 Apr     Betelgeuse is 1 fist-width below the moon at dusk.

3 Apr     High in the south at sunset, magnitude 0.46 Procyon is 1 fist-width to the first-quarter moon’s lower left. Magnitude 1.22 Pollux is the same distance to the upper left. The bright star 3½ fist-widths below the moon is magnitude -1.09 Sirius, the Dog Star.

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