USPS News Blast July 2016

Chapman Award Nominations Deadline Approaches

Now’s the time to submit squadron Chapman Excellence in Teaching Award nominations to district educational officers. Remember that your DEO needs time to evaluate squadron nominations and submit the best one to USPS headquarters by the 1 Sept. 2016 deadline. Don’t lose the opportunity to select a prize to augment your squadron’s teaching program should your nominee be a national winner! Email: Spencer P. Anderson

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Celestial Tools V 5.1.4 Now Available

To get the latest version, visit Email: Stan Klein

Calling All First Timers

The 2016 Governing Board Meeting in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 23–28 Aug., is an opportunity for each member to see what national is all about! Come for the education! Come for the fun! Come for friendships, old and new! If you have not attended a national meeting before, please indicate that you are a first timer when completing the registration form. We’re looking forward to meeting and greeting you with a special reception on Friday, 26 Aug. You will receive information to help you navigate through the meetings and events, and you’ll receive a discount on one Ship’s Store item. See you in Pittsburgh! Email: Lynda Leque

Take Advantage of Partner Benefits

? In addition to monetary awards given to the squadrons teaching the most classes at a Brunswick Partner Dealer, participating squadrons will soon have a new case study contest to enter. Participating squadrons will write case studies about their efforts and experiences in the program. Brunswick will judge the studies and award prizes at the Annual Meeting. ? If you live in or will be traveling in the Great Lakes this summer, catch one of the Tall Ships Challenge events. Go to for the 2016 ports of call itinerary. Contact me or Don Stark if you want to volunteer at one of the ports. ? Discover Boating Boat Show managers have asked USPS to once again feature our Boating Skills Virtual Trainer at sponsored shows, so get ready to support your local show. Go to to get the new 2016–2017 schedule. ? Coming soon, we’ll have info on the new Freedom Boat Partnership. Don’t forget to visit the Ship’s Store for a 10% discount on Mariner’s Learning System Captain’s licensing course materials. Email: Shirley D. Heald

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CPR Saves Lives; Take a Class

Who’s going to help you when you have a heart attack? If you are on your boat, you have little chance of surviving a cardiac arrest unless someone knows CPR. Sign up now to take the CPR/First Aid Course for boaters on Wednesday, 24 Aug., during the 2016 Governing Boarding Meeting. By taking the course, you and your significant other will be prepared to perform CPR when needed. For more information and to register for the course, call 301-767-5905 or email me. Email: Alan Karpas

ABC3 Online Is a Winner

While America’s Boating Course online has been with us for several years, online final examinations are now available and working to bring online basic boating education to everyone. Key to bringing online students into squadron view for possible membership, the district ABC coordinator links online students to squadrons located near them. Email: Richard Carson

Boating Safety 4 Kids

The continuum of education starts with children. The no-cost Boating Safety 4 Kids seminar instructor manual is available from the Educational Department Basic Public Education web page. The seminar makes a super addition for educating children while presenting America’s Boating Course or other USPS courses. To learn more, join us for the Boating Safety 4 Kids seminar overview at the 2016 Governing Board Meeting in Pittsburgh. Email: Richard Carson

Save Money: Register for Activities by 13 July

Time is getting short to sign up for activities at the 2016 Governing Board Meeting in Pittsburgh. Register now to avoid higher fees that go in effect after 13 July. With so many things to see and do, you won’t want to miss anything! Email: Sarah McCurry

New Ship’s Store Item on Sale

Introducing our new Blue Flex Cooler just in time for the hot summer days ahead! Perfect to take on the boat, to the beach, on a family picnic or on vacation. Order yours today and get 10% off during the month of July. Visit and click on the “Sale” prompt. Email: Jacky Van Doren

Electronic Communication Tips

I love a new device! But having email in more than one location can present challenges for those receiving your messages. Here are some tips on how to make using email on your new gadget seamless and easier on others. 1) When setting up your email account, use the same name on your main computer’s email account. This makes finding emails from individuals easier, for example, Kristi W Anderson vs K W Anderson. 2) Always reply from the email chain or the email you are responding to, so the recipient can reference previous emails easily. 3) When discussing topics from previous emails, keep the same subject line. This allows users to use subject line keywords to search and sort emails in the same conversation. 4) When starting a new email regarding USPS, start the subject line with your squadron initials (SISPS) or USPS plus the committee name (USPSMS for USPS Membership Services Committee) and make the rest of the subject line informative. Members will know who the email is from and can read as needed. Members can also search on squadron initials to find all squadron-related messages. Using simply USPS could cause your message to be rejected by internet service providers as postal service spam. 5) If you feel the need to change the subject line, add text to the end of the line and edit the recipient list as needed to keep related emails together. 6) When simply acknowledging receipt, remember to respond privately to the sender with “received” or “thank you.” Share your tips by emailing the Help Desk at Email: Kristi Anderson

Take Advantage of BoatUS Discounts

Promoting boating safety is a mission shared by United States Power Squadrons and BoatUS. To recognize our partnership, USPS members are eligible for a 50% discount on BoatUS membership and a 10% discount on all water towing service levels. Premium discounts for USPS members are also available on BoatUS marine insurance policies. Email: Jonathan Bensman

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USPS Headquarters Closed 4 July

USPS headquarters will be closed on 4 July in observance of Independence Day. Stay safe on the water! Email: Mary Catherine Berube

July 2016 Star Calendar

Star calendar 1–31 July 2016

1 Jul      Low in the east at dawn, Aldebaran is 1 fist-width to the moon’s lower left. The Pleiades Cluster is about the same distance to the upper right. The moon is at perigee, 57.38 Earth-radii (366,000 kilometers) away.

2 Jul      The moon is to Aldebaran’s lower left.

4 Jul      Earth is at aphelion, its farthest distance from the sun for the year at 1.01675 AU (94.5 million miles or 151 million kilometers).

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