USPS News Blast March 2017

March into savings in the Ship’s Store

During March, spring arrives and you get 10% off a United States Power Squadrons’ rucksack. Go outside and take along everything you need. Whether you are going camping, on the boat or simply need a new backpack, our rucksack does the job. The rich navy blue color with full color embroidered logo gives it a finished look. Go to and click on the “Sale” prompt for more details. Email: Rachael Jones

Over 60 first timers attend annual meeting

A big thank-you to all members and guests who attended their first national meeting in Orlando. We hope you successfully navigated your way through the 2017 Annual Meeting, met old and new friends, and came away with a better understanding of the United States Power Squadrons. Special thanks to the volunteers who helped make our first timers feel welcomed. See you in Dallas in September! Email: Lynda Leque

USPS charts and positions

On the Cooperative Charting Committee we know that when dealing with charts and positions there will always be change. Our mission is to look for those changes, report them to the correct agency partners and be satisfied knowing that we help make boating safer for everyone who enjoys our waterways. Join us in Cooperative Charting. We embrace change and make it fun. Look over the updates to the Cooperative Charting website. We want your help by participating in both geodetic and new nautical cooperative charting programs. Email: Diane Julum

Program Partner Relations news

The new squadron Brunswick case study contest debuted at the 2017 Annual Meeting. Copies of the rules and a sample case study will be posted on the website. ? Tall Ships is looking for local squadrons who would like to partner with a local ship in your port area to collaborate on educational offerings and local activities year round. Additionally, the 2017 Tall Ships America Challenge will be touching Charleston and Boston this year. Contact me or Don Stark if you would like to be involved in helping out with the Challenge in your area. ? 2017 Discover Boating Boat Shows are in full swing. Go to for more information or email me. Email: Shirley D. Heald

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Fugawi now includes Bowditch Bay and 1210TR

Fugawi, one of our member benefit partners, is now hosting Bowditch Bay and 1210TR for those members taking P and AP and wanting to use their iPads to do their practice cruises and chapter exercises that involve plotting. At present the only iPad apps enabling access to Bowditch Bay and 1210TR are iNavX and SEAIQ Open. This is a wonderful opportunity for all those who have been longing for a way to bring their tablet device into class or use it at home to do the exercises. Android users can use OpenCPN and download the charts directly from the national website. Email: Rick Edel

Rejuvenate your meetings from Squadron Development

Squadrons falter without regular meetings and something to spark people’s interest. Check out local speakers bureaus in your city. Master Gardener and Master Naturalist have speakers available. Consider inviting a comedian from a local improv troupe. Have a meeting at a local boat dealership. Use a calling tree, send regular emails and send an emailed newsletter using Constant Contact or a similar platform. Remember, not everyone has an email. Contact Squadron Development for updates and requests for help. Email: Deborah Rothermel

Get rewarded for sharing recruitment and retention successes

The Member Involvement and Retention Awards recognizes squadrons whose programs have increased membership growth and retention. The 2016 data indicates that more than 85 squadrons have experienced growth with at least 87% retention. Every squadron that achieves this type of success should share its recipes for success by submitting a MIRA entry. MIRA submissions are due to your district membership involvement chair by May 15. The national chair must receive all entries by May 30 for them to be included in this year’s contest. Award winners will be announced at the 2017 Governing Board in Dallas, Texas. Email: Priscilla B. Clarke

Grow membership by welcoming all boaters to the neighborhood

If you want to increase membership, go where the boaters are. More than 85 squadrons grew in 2016, and they achieved this growth by being active squadrons. Data shows that these squadrons regularly conduct classes and seminars, are active in the community, and reach out to new boaters to share the benefits of USPS membership. Remember to welcome all boaters to our organization. Try something new this year by reaching out to paddle boarders, kayakers, fishermen and especially first-time boaters. Have fun with the theme by organizing youth poster contests, working with scouting groups, and reaching out to friends and family that have boating interests. There is nothing like a handshake and a greeting to a new boater or a new member of the United States Power Squadrons. Email: James Pahl-Washa

It’s time to file historian reports

It’s peak time for squadron and district changes of watch. Remember, all historian reports must be submitted no later than 60 days after your change of watch, and DB2000 is the perfect way to do it. Much of the information is found on drop-down menus. Your yearly educational classes should already be filled in for you. Information can be stored on the Historian’s Form throughout the year so you can input as your events take place. Don’t let your organizational history be lost forever. If you need information or help, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Email: Jerry Zambroski

Get discounts on HeartSine AEDs and accessories

Have your squadron or district members been certified in CPR and on the AED? Then you should look into getting a HeartSine AED! USPS members receive special prices and discounts. The AEDs are moisture- and dust-resistant, have a 10-year warranty, are user-friendly and include a free pad replacement program. Email: Jonathan Bensman

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USPS promotional videos

Here are the two new promotional videos introduced at the 2017 Annual Meeting for exclusive use by squadrons for a month before their national debut on the internet and in social media.

? “Introducing UNITED STATES POWER SQUADRONS” – Stream / Download
? “UNITED STATES POWER SQUADRONS Special Offer” – Stream / Download

The target audience for these videos is baby boomers, the most likely people to join USPS. These videos were created to arouse awareness, interest, and desire in adopting the safe-boating lifestyle and taking action by joining United States Power Squadrons. The “Introducing USPS” video is designed to work for every squadron. The “USPS Special Offer” video is for squadrons offering Practical On The Water Training or able to access POTW at a nearby squadron. The videos can be played at public meetings, embedded on squadron websites, and posted on squadron Facebook pages. Links can be emailed to members and prospective members for playing and sharing with friends and family. Email: Marty Lafferty

March 2017 star calendar

Star calendar March 2017

1 Mar     Low in the west at dusk, magnitude -4.2 Venus is 1½ fist-widths to the thin waxing crescent moon’s lower right. Magnitude 1.3 Mars is 2 finger-widths to the right.

3 Mar     The moon is at perigee, 369,000 kilometers away.

4 Mar     Magnitude 0.85 Aldebaran is ½ finger-width to the moon’s upper left high in the south at dusk. Later this evening the moon passes within 0.2 degrees of Aldebaran.

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