Star calendar for May 2016

Star calendar 1–31 May 2016

6 May    The moon is at perigee, 56.1 Earth-radii (358,000 kilometers) away. With perigee occurring 15 hours before the new moon, expect tidal extremes.

9 May    Mercury is at inferior conjunction as it passes between the sun and Earth.

10 May    The Gemini Twins, Pollux and Castor, are 1 fist-width to the moon’s upper right low in the west tonight.

11 May    Tonight, the Gemini Twins are 1 fist-width to the moon’s right, and bright Procyon is 1 fist-width below the moon.

13 May    High in the south at dusk, Regulus, in the constellation Leo, the Lion, is 2 finger-widths above the moon. Jupiter is 1½ fist-widths to the moon’s upper left.

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