USPS News Blast November 2016

Remember: It’s Their World

As boaters and beachgoers, we need to respect the creatures who reside in the water and on the beaches. When sea turtles are laying eggs on beaches, we need to stay away from these nesting areas. When out on the water, slow down and let the inhabitants of these waters live in peace. Seals or sea lions can be pests in some areas. If they get on your swim step or dock, use a hose to gently discourage them. Let’s respect all creatures as we venture out on the waters. Email: Richard Donald Daybell

Take Computer Weather Forecasting and Navigation

A brand new webinar–GRIDS and GRIBS: Computer Weather Forecasting and Navigation–captures the fascinating world of modern weather forecasting. After providing some historical context, the webinar gets right to the foundation of the modern forecasting process–the giant computer models that are the basis for all professionally produced weather predictions. Most importantly for boaters, the webinar describes the types of forecasts (GRIDS and GRIBS) that these models have made possible, their strengths and weaknesses, how to get them at no cost anywhere in the world, and how to use them in electronic chart plotting. The webinar will be given at 2000 ET on Tuesday, 15 Nov. To register, visit Email: Robert F. Anderson

Enter The Ensign’s 2017 Photo Contest

Show us what you love most about boating by sending us your favorite photos from your time on the water, and you could win a prize! The contest is open to amateur and professional photographers who are USPS members or subscribers of The Ensign magazine. Deadline for submission is 31 Dec. 2016. Winning photos will be featured in an upcoming issue of the The Ensign. Use the form at the link below to submit your photos. Email: Amy Townsend

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Coming in December: Non-Member Exam Fee

Effective 1 Dec. 2016, USPS will assess a $20 fee for all non-member “passed” exams as a separate charge to the squadron treasurer. The fee will offset the costs incurred in processing and maintaining non-member records. This fee does NOT apply to America’s Boating Course. Most squadrons already charge an additional fee to non-members taking a class, and this additional cost should be anticipated in your pricing of future courses. Obviously, the best case is to convince the prospective student to join the squadron and take advantage of member pricing. If you have a class underway prior to this announcement that includes non-members, please let me know the names of these students so I can notify headquarters. Be aware that under no circumstances should you give the student a choice of avoiding this exam fee by not taking the exam. We cannot predict the future needs of any student; we receive regular requests for documentation of course completion. Email: Steve Abbott

Celestial Tools V 5.2

An update to Celestial Tools is available at V 5.2.0 includes minor bug fixes and feature enhancements. Email: Stan Klein

PR and Other Committees Provide Support to Squadrons

The Public Relations Committee and other Executive Department committees provide squadrons with tools to help them become the go-to organizations for boating information and education in their communities. Squadrons that achieve this role add to the public recognition of the entire United States Power Squadrons. In addition to help publicizing squadron education programs, squadrons will receive resources for helping boaters understand USPS’ role in assigning MMSI numbers, serving as advanced marine weather spotters for the National Weather Service and maintaining life jacket loaner stands in cooperation with Sea Tow. Watch for these important notices and so much more. Email: Greg Scotten

National Committee Chairs Must File Form 229

All rear commanders must submit Form 229, which lists your committee members for the coming year. Forms are online at (main sheet) and (continuation sheet). Please submit your committee list before the 28 Feb. 2017 deadline to be listed in the USPS National Directory. Email: Lena Padro

ED-1 and ED-80 Forms Available Online

District and squadron commanders: ED1s for listing educational committee chairs are online at, and ED80s for listing educational and assistant educational officers are available at Please get all approvals before submitting forms to headquarters. Email: Lena Padro

Commanders: Submit Your OD2 and OD1 Forms

District and squadron commanders: To submit your OD information, go to, select the correct OD form and submit it before the 1 Feb. 2017 deadline. Email: Lena Padro

New Ship’s Store Items on Sale

We’ve got two new caps in two new colors—red and pink—featured on sale during November using the code 10OFF. Go to and click on “Sale” to order these featured caps at 10% off. Get yours today, and remember, Christmas is around the corner, so shop early for best selection! Email: Jacky Van Doren

CPR Saves Lives

Sudden cardiac arrest is exactly that—sudden, and it’s almost always fatal without lifesaving treatment. Providing high-quality CPR and an Automated External Defibrillator can make the difference between life and death. With each passing minute without lifesaving treatment, the chance of survival diminishes by 10 percent. Squadrons should consider having CPR-trained members and an accessible, fully compliant AED at meetings and events. USPS is sponsoring an American Heart Association CPR & First Aid course on Wednesday, 22 Feb. 2017 at our Annual Meeting in Orlando. All members are encouraged to take this course. Squadrons should comply with the USPS Safety Committee’s recommendation to create a First Aid Support Team to respond to healthcare matters during meetings and events. Contact me at 301-767-5905 for more information on taking the course, getting an AED or starting a FAST program. Email: Alan Karpas

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Headquarters Shipping to Close for 2016 Inventory

Headquarters shipping will close for annual inventory on Monday, 28 Nov., and will resume operations on Monday, 5 Dec. Email: Mary Catherine Berube

Headquarters Closed in Observance of Thanksgiving

USPS headquarters will be closed Thursday, 24 Nov., and Friday, 25 Nov., in observance of Thanksgiving. Email: Mary Catherine Berube

First Timers Heading to Orlando

The USPS Annual Meeting in Orlando promises to be a great event for you to attend as a First Timer. If you have not been to a national meeting before, this will give you an opportunity to experience all that USPS is about. Come learn more about USPS, meet fellow First Timers and attend a special reception with the national Bridge. As a First Timer, you will receive a packet of information to enrich your first experience at a national meeting. You will also receive a discount to use on one item in the Ship’s Store. When you register, be sure to mark the box that indicates that it is your first Annual Meeting. See you in Orlando! Email: Lynda Leque

Get Gear for Upcoming COW and Conferences

For plaques, special awards and name tags following USPS brand standards, contact CP Dean through the USPS Ship’s Store website. Just click on the navy blue CP Dean box. Email: Jacky Van Doren

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New Cooperative Charting Area Representatives

As of 1 Oct., your nautical Cooperative Charting area representative is also your geodetic representative. Please contact your assigned area rep for questions on all Cooperative Charting programs. Assigned by districts, your area rep can help you with information for your newsletter, by suggesting ways to increase Cooperative Charting participation and with the transition to reporting using our revised systems. Email: Diane Julum

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Get Custom Embroidery at Discount Prices

Caskey Monograms & Embroidery offers all USPS members 15% off your shirt purchase, artwork digitizing, and any other items purchased through them. They have been working with South Florida squadrons for many years. If you’ve already purchased shirts, they will add custom embroidery to any shirt you provide! Add your boat, your name or the shirt donor’s name, for example. Email: Jonathan Bensman

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USPS 103rd Annual Meeting in Orlando 2017

Join us as we start our 103rd year in Orlando at our Annual Meeting 19–26 Feb. 2017 at the Rosen Center. Go to the National Meeting Committee website to register, download the meeting newsletter and check out the latest agenda. Register by 9 Jan. 2017 for the lowest rates. Hotel rooms sell out quickly, so don’t wait. Go to the website now and book your room and event tickets. Email: Bob Holub

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November 2016 star calendar

Star calendar 1–30 November 2016

2 Nov     At dusk, Saturn is 1½ finger-widths below the moon and Venus is 3 finger-widths to the lower left. The equation of time is at its maximum for the year, 16.48 minutes.

5 Nov     Low in the south at dusk, Mars is 3 finger-widths to the moon’s lower left, and bright Altair is 2½ fist-widths above the moon.

6 Nov     Daylight saving time ends this morning at 0200. Turn your clocks back.

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