P/Stf/C Roy E. Maas, SN

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Roy Earl Maas passed away on 7 January 2015 at 77. He is survived by his wife Myril.

Roy Maas

P/Stf/C Roy Maas, SN

Roy held a U.S. Coast Guard 50 Ton Captains License. He came to San Luis Rey Sail & Power Squadron in 2011 after moving to Temecula, California. He had been a member of San Francisco Sail & Power Squadron, where he taught the Junior Navigation and Navigation courses. He also served on the District 25 Bridge.

Roy was very proud to be a USPS member, and he was “in his glory” every time he attended an event. SLRSPS members last saw him at the squadron Christmas party in 2013.

Before moving to the San Francisco area, Roy began his squadron career in the Northern New Jersey Power Squadron. In 1971, he participated in the squadron’s television series for WNBC-TV New York, “Underway with the Power Squadron.” The series filmed 13 half-hour shows, and Roy was one of two instructors selected from 13 squadrons to teach the Sail presentation.

In 1998 Roy was nominated for election to the USPS National Governing Board and remained a member through 2001. Roy held the position of Assistant Chair, Education Development and Review in 2000. He received his 50-year USPS membership plaque in 2009.

Each month Roy looked forward to receiving The Ensign and The Mariner’s Needle, and read both magazines from cover to cover. He and Myril enjoyed an occasional sail aboard L’Esprit with Cheryl and Adriaan Veldhuisen.

Roy’s library of sailing and nautical books, along with his teaching materials, will form the basis of San Luis Rey’s squadron library.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him.

Roy Maas and wife

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P/C Billie Bryant-Becker, P

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P/C Billie Bryant-Becker

P/C Billie Bryant-Becker

P/C Billie Bryant-Becker, P, of Orange, Texas, left this world to be in the loving arms of the Lord on 24 Dec. 2014 after a brief illness at the age of 83. Born in Shreveport, Louisiana, on 12 March 1931, Billie was a loving mother of four, grandmother of five, homemaker and entrepreneur. With 21 merit marks designating, she was also a member of the Sabine Sail & Power Squadron/21 and past commander of the Orange Power Squadron/21, an active member of the Orange chapter of the Red Hat Ladies and ardent supporter of the arts in Orange for many years.

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P/C Geneva N. Wilson, SN

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On June 28, 2014, we sadly had to accept the passing of one of our organization’s most outstanding women, P/C Geneva Wilson, SN, of Gautier, Mississippi. This rare individual has been a shining example of what can be accomplished in this country with a solid work ethic and perseverance.

P/C Geneva Wilson, SN

P/C Geneva Wilson, SN

She was born Geneva Legate on 28 Feb. 1931 in Arkadelphia, Arkansas, during the darkest days of the Great Depression, the daughter of an Oklahoma cotton farmer, with eight brothers and sisters. Always a bright and conscientious student, she overcame the hard times and was able to attend prestigious Baylor University for two years then finished her undergraduate degree at the University of Oklahoma.

Geneva’s is survived by her husband, Robert Wilson, a retired Army officer who also speaks fluent Chinese. Robert served as an interpreter during the extended peace talks after the Korean War. The couple spent several years in Washington, D.C., while Robert worked for the Defense Intelligence Agency. Always driven to learning more about her world, Geneva studied at the University of Maryland while living in D.C. She also studied at the University of Frankfort in Germany for two years while her husband was stationed there. Adept at languages, Geneva became fluent in German, Spanish and Mandarin Chinese.

When Robert retired from the Army in 1964, they returned to Oklahoma where Geneva started a 20-year career with the US Postal Service of Oklahoma City, rising to manager of carriers and ultimately postmaster.  She retired as US Postmaster, attaining the US Post Office High Expectations Achiever Award.

Geneva also was an accomplished airplane pilot with an instrument rating flying many types of single engine airplanes. Somehow Geneva and Robert found time to raise five children plus two of their 15 grandchildren.

In 1992, the Wilson’s, both fully retired, moved to Gautier, Mississippi, and joined the Singing River Power Squadron in 1994. Geneva became an active boater, and within a few years she was selected for command of the squadron. Her leadership and dedication were superb, but her participation in the USPS Education program has become legendary. Since joining the squadron, except for a relatively short period when Geneva was hospitalized from a serious stroke, none of her squadron mates can ever remember a single boating class or vessel safety check event that Geneva was not actively present as a student, instructor, monitor or examiner. She entered the Junior Navigation Course with seven other squadron mates but was the only student to complete the course. She went on to be the only person from her squadron to achieve a full certificate in the 21st century. She truly was, and will always be remembered, as one of the great treasures of the United States Power Squadrons.

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Bill J. Ehrman

Bill Ehrman

Bill Ehrman

All who knew Bill Ehrman would agree that he certainly put the spice into life. He was resourceful, a man who thought outside of the box, and the sort of person who never let life get the best of him. Bill was blessed to spend the majority of his life alongside his true love with whom he welcomed the children and grandchildren who were his life. He was a true patriot who knew what it meant to work hard, yet he also made sure that he took time to enjoy life to the fullest each day. Life will never be the same without Bill here, but he leaves behind a timeless collection of memories that will remain forever near and dear to the hearts of his friends and loved ones.

On 18 Nov. 1953, a young couple from Morris, Ill., was delighted to welcome a healthy baby boy into their hearts and home on . Bill was one of several children born to his parents, Fred and Emma Ehrman, and his earliest years were spent in the family home. By the time he was a young man, both of Bill’s parents had died, which sent him to Kankakee, Ill., where he lived with his sisters while he finished his education. Bill was a student at local schools, including Morris Elementary School and Eastridge High School beginning with his freshman year.

After graduating from high school, Bill was ready to embrace all that life had in store. In November 1974, he joined the Navy and finished submarine school in Groton,
Conn. Bill was stationed in Charleston, S.C., for a time and was given permission to come home for a quick visit before he was sent out for a three-month patrol. He also took classes at University of South Carolina while in the Navy.

Not to be forgotten during his years as a young man was Bill’s introduction to the young woman who would forever hold the key to his heart. Her name was Kathy Lamb, and they were a great pair. While in the military, Bill visited Kathy at Illinois State University when he could. With a desire to establish a life together, the couple was united in marriage on 7 Aug. 1976 at the Salvation Army. Together Bill and Kathy were blessed with the births of three children: Adam, Amy and Ashley.

Along his entire life’s journey Bill loved the water. He and Kathy complimented each other perfectly as they spent numerous days on the beach with him in the water and her on the beach. Bill loved scuba diving, especially at some of his favorite places such as Folly Beach and Isle Palms in South Carolina. Memorable vacations were taken to Singer Island, Fla., where he discovered tropical beach drinks and his Tommy Bahama hat, in addition to Beaver Island, Apostle Islands, and Kentucky Lake with family. There was also the time he went to Door County for 11 days and almost forgot to come back! In everything he did, Bill was one to work hard. He graduated from Governor’s State University is University Park, Ill., with a degree in chemistry. Bill spent more than 33 years working as a project leader for Henkel Chemical Corporation.

Bill loved playing the drums, and when he was laid off from his job he bought a new set of drums and formed a band as a means of providing for his family. A devoted father through and through, it was not uncommon for Bill to come home from a late night with the band to take care of Adam as he treasured spending time with his children. He loved cooking out with his friends, and as his friends and family can attest he was a master of the grill.

A longtime member of the community he loved, Bill was a member of the Aroma Park American Legion, Aroma Park Boating Association, Kankakee Yacht Club, Kankakee Valley Sail & Power Squadron and the Moose Lodge. A true gift, Bill brought such light and life to the world around him. He fully devoted himself to whatever task was at hand and never took even one moment for granted. Bill’s family was always his main focus in life, and it was when he was gathered with his family that he was happiest. He will be dearly missed and warmly remembered.

Bill J. Ehrman died 10 July 2013 at his home in St. Anne. Bill’s family includes his wife, Kathy Ehrman of St. Anne, Ill.; children Adam (Lacy) Ehrman of Springfield, Ill., D (Justin) Marques of Gilman, Ill., and Ashley (Nick) Benjamin of Kankakee, Ill.; grandchildren Henry Gerritson, Hayden Gerritson, Justyne Marques, Kate Ehrman and Ellen Ehrman; sisters Karen (Wendell) Darling of Morris, Ill., and Clara Rutledge of Vermont; brothers David (Maureen) Ehrman of Port Orange, Fla.,, Ben (Beth) Stillwell of Marshalltown, Iowa, and Steve (Vicki) Cobb of Buford, Ga.; brother- and sisters-in-law Judy Ehrman of Morris, Ill., Rosemary Ehrman of Coal City, Ill., Ben and Betty Hale of Manteno, Ill., and Marilyn Friant of Morris, Ill.; and father-in-law Ray Lamb of Aroma Park, Ill. Bill was preceded in death by his parents; brothers Paul Ehrman, Fred Ehrman, Roy Ehrman and Red Osman; and sisters Eva Hale and Rosemary Ehrman.

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