Kayaking on Alaska's Glacier Bay

Kayaking Glacier Bay

By Sally Stuart The Spirit of Adventure approached the drop-off site at Skidmore Beach and ran up the beach a short distance. We crawled up …

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Photo of Scrub Island in the BVIs

Beat the Winter Blues in the BVIs

By Larry MacDonald In early February 2019, a polar vortex rolled across a wide swath of Canada and the northern U.S., bringing record-shattering low temperatures; …

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Fishing Boats in Angelmo, Puerto Montt, Chile

Rounding the Horn

By Rafael Belliard When my first mate Linda, the perennial travel opportunities researcher, found the perfect way to round the cape, we decided to make …

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Photo of Valparaiso, Chile, from Cruising Around the Horn.

Cruising Around the Horn

By Rafael Belliard Going around South America’s Cape Horn has always been fraught with awe and understandable concerns about ships wrecked by rough seas, icebergs, …

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Sailing into a Storm Leaving Mallorca, Spain

Sailing into a Storm

By Randy White I recently returned from sailing my new boat from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, to Marmaris, Turkey, a voyage of 1,453 nautical miles …

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