Building a Legacy for America’s Boating Club


United States Power Squadrons, America’s Boating Club, has been a major force in educating boaters and helping keep our waterways safe for 106 years. To advance our tradition of boater education and safety, we must look beyond member dues to fuel the continued growth of America’s Boating Club.

With these goals in mind, the USPS Endowment Fund Inc. was established in Sept. 2017. Since its inception, the fund has grown, with assets totaling more than $2.1 million. Income from the fund, over $400,000, has gone to support projects crucial to the growth and promotion of America’s Boating Club, including leadership development, expanded outreach to the Hispanic community, web development, and advertising.

Ours hasn’t been a big-money fund. While we have received several large gifts over the years, most of the fund’s donations have come from individual donors who’ve given an average of $200.

This past year, the USPS Endowment Fund Inc. developed a new website,, with features that make donating and managing donations simple. When donating at, you can elect to contribute to the fund on a regular schedule (every year, every month, etc.) or provide a one-time gift to honor someone’s legacy or recognize a milestone. All honorees or their next of kin will receive a gift acknowledgment via mail or email. Donors can use an email address to log in to to print tax letters, make additional donations and view their donation history.

Your USPS Endowment Fund Inc. charitable contributions are tax deductible and go to support an organization founded with the goal of making our waterways safer by educating our nation’s boaters. In the last 106 years, we’ve expanded the way we do that with online and on-the-water courses, community service opportunities like vessel safety checks and cooperative charting, fun on-the-water events, and so much more.

We’re an organization dedicated to doing good, and as we enter another year of service, we hope you’ll consider supporting America’s Boating Club with a regular donation or by adding the fund to your legacy plan. With proper planning, a gift to the fund can give rise to both a charitable donation and an income stream to the donor or the donor’s heirs. Talk with your financial planner to see what type of donation is right for you. When you contribute to the USPS Endowment Fund, your donation helps ensure that we will continue making the waterways safer for the next hundred years.

Visit to find out how you can help support the future of America’s Boating Club while keeping our waterways safe.

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