Anchoring in the Keys

Retrieve a stuck anchor

You can leave the anchor retriever components rigged on your main anchor permanently. We’ve rigged ours on a Lewmar claw anchor, which seems to be the best all-around anchor that doesn’t require a second mortgage to buy, but you can rig this up on any kind of anchor.

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Woman to Woman

Learning to judge weather and sea conditions

By Capt. Katherine Redmond

Nothing affects your ability to boat safely more than the weather. Before heading out, you should consult multiple sources to ensure you are prepared and can judge whether it’s safe to be on the water. A small craft advisory for your planned destination should keep you at the dock. You should never venture onto open waters if a small craft advisory has been issued.

Sea conditions are difficult to generalize. Some boats are capable of handling rough seas, while on others, a sneeze causes discomfort. It takes some experience for you to judge your vessel’s ability, but in the meantime, use caution in environments conducive to overwhelming seas, such as inlets. (See below for more info.)

The U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Center publishes weekly Local Notices to Mariners with timely information on local hazards. You can review them online for free.

Thunderstorms can be a daily occurrence in some areas. You can prepare by asking yourself the following questions: If I encounter a thunderstorm on the water, how will I handle the situation? Would I prefer to find a safe harbor until the storm dissipates? Or would it be best to stop my boat in a safe place, point the bow at a fixed object to maintain my location and issue the proper sound signal so others can ascertain my position? By planning for these eventualities, you can prevent adverse outcomes.

Capt. Katherine Giampietro Redmond of Palm Beach Sail & Power Squadron/8 is a NASBLA-honored boating safety instructor with a Six-Pack Towing Captain’s License. Author of “The Chartracker Navigation Guides” and “7 Steps to Successful Boat Docking,” she created to provide boating guidance for women.

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COVID-19 vaccines

COVID-19 vaccines

By Gino Bottino, MD

As of January 2021, 69 COVID-19 vaccine candidates were in clinical research using multiple technologies. Several COVID-19 vaccines demonstrated efficacy as high as 95% in preventing symptomatic COVID-19 infections.

At that time, 10 vaccines had been authorized by at least one national regulatory authority for public use: two RNA vaccines (the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines), four conventional inactivated vaccines (Sinopharm, Covaxin from Bharat Biotech, Sinovac, and Sinopharm), three viral vector vaccines (Sputnik V from the Gamaleya Research Institute, AstraZeneca, and CanSino), and one peptide vaccine (EpiVacCorona).

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David Osmolski

David H. Osmolski passed away on January 3, 2021, at 77, from complications of COVID-19.

If you’re a regular reader of The Ensign magazine’s Shipshape department, you know that Dave Osmolksi has been writing the lead article in this space since 2007. Over the last 14 years, Dave shared his do-it-yourself take on boating projects that ranged from building a removable flagstaff to fixing wiring woes and much more.

Dave was born in Hackensack, New Jersey. When he was 8, the family moved to Connecticut, where Dave developed his love of the water while boating and fishing with his father on a local river.

The family later moved to Nasson, Maine, where Dave attended high school and met his future wife, Susan. After high school, he attended Quinnipiac University, and studied chemistry.

After marrying in 1964, the couple moved to New York state, and Dave began working in the metal plating industry. Job changes eventually brought the family to Charlotte, North Carolina, in 1969. In 1989, he and his son Todd started Charlotte Plating Inc.

Dave joined the Charlotte Power Squadron in 1996 and quickly became involved. He served on the bridge starting in 2001 and was commander from 2003 to 2004. Passionate about education, Dave served as squadron educational officer from 2010 to 2017 and as District 27 educational officer from 2016 to 2018. He also served in many other roles at the squadron, district and national levels. He had 24 merit marks.

Active in squadron social life, Dave spent many hours at the Charlotte Squadron’s facility on Lake Wylie, holding the unofficial title of Assistant Apprentice Barbecue Cook.

When they could get away from Charlotte Plating, Dave and Susan enjoyed spending time at their “Homemade Tropical Paradise” on Pine Island, Florida. Dave fished and kept busy with home and boat projects, and Susan spent time shelling and enjoying the beach.

Dave is survived by his wife of 56 years, Susan, his son Todd, two grandchildren, and a great-granddaughter.

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Sisters explore Galveston in off-season

By Christine Wenk-Harrison

I headed to Galveston, Texas, to meet my sister and two friends for one of our “sisters’ trips” in early December 2018. We had selected Galveston twice before but never in the winter. Although I wasn’t sure what to expect from a beach resort in the off-season, I ended up being pleasantly surprised.

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point pleasant canal

Miscalculations lead to trouble on Point Pleasant Canal

By John Gignilliat

Uneasy about our first ocean passage going from Sandy Hook, New York, to Atlantic City, New Jersey, my wife, Carol, and I found the idea of 2,000 uninterrupted miles of water off the port beam unnerving.

After taking a close look at our charts, I discovered that we could avoid close to half of our exposed travel on the Atlantic by turning in at the Manasquan Inlet. Thanks to Chinook’s shallow draft, we would be able to take the New Jersey Intracoastal and avoid over 40 miles of ocean travel. With a 4-foot controlling depth, the waterway is too shallow for most sailboats.

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Robert Johnson

P/R/C Robert “Bob” Johnson, AP, passed away at age 87 on Feb. 25, 2021 with his family by his side.

Joining USPS in 1974, Bob was an active member of District 3, Great South Bay Squadron, Ponce Inlet, and since 2014 Daytona Beach Sail and Power Squadron. Always engaged, he held numerous positions and was a multiple time Commander of two different squadrons.  Bob most recently served as Executive Officer of Daytona and as a VE and Instructor.  In short, he was a very active life time member, and was awarded 46 Merit Marks. He is survived by his loving wife of 65 years, Louise.  He was loved and respected and will be missed by many who wish him peaceful passage. –Don Roman

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