Double Take, a beloved boat gets new owners

Double Take

Blue Heron, a 34-foot CHB trawler, gets a new home and a squadron gains new members as told from both the sellers and buyers point of view

THE SELLERS: Retiring boaters Ray and Nila Madsen pass along their beloved boat and their boating knowledge

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Cabo Rojo, Puerto Rico, by Miguel Angel Miranda

Looking Back photo contest winners

Via an online poll held during the United States Power Squadrons, America’s Boating Club, 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting, you voted for your favorite photo in The Ensign’s Spring 2021 Photo Contest. This year, we invited photographers to submit their best boating photos from any decade or year.

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2020 Charles F. Chapman Excellence in Teaching Winners Go Above and Beyond

Chapman Winners Go Above & Beyond

During the 2021 Virtual Annual Meeting, United States Power Squadrons, America’s Boating Club, recognized three outstanding volunteer educators—Ann Peltier, Graham Hunter and Chris Leavitt—with the 2020 Charles F. Chapman Award for Excellence in Teaching. These Chapman Winners go above and beyond to educate their students and make boating better.

This year’s winners exemplify the creativity, dedication, and passion for education shown by Charles F. Chapman, the award’s namesake. One of our founding fathers, Chapman was a tireless educator, author and editor. Author of the boating bible, “Piloting: Seamanship and Small Boat Handling,” Chapman steered the editorial ship at Motor Boating magazine for many years.

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Piloting skills put to the test

Piloting Skills Put to the Test

By John Gignilliat

Editor’s note: This story is a part of a book (working title, “Sailing Across North America”) John is writing about his boating adventures in 1990 while sailing from Lake Michigan through the North Channel, Georgian Bay, the waterways of Canada, and eventually down the Atlantic Coast to North Carolina.

Despite the gray and rainy day, my wife, Carol, and I decided to make the run from Beaver Island, Lake Michigan, to Mackinac Island, Lake Huron. When we first purchased our chartbook for Lake Michigan, I had examined our expected route, which was straightforward and simple until you departed Beaver Island. There, the passage through Gray’s Reef was marked with numerous shoals, reefs and rocks.

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Getting a head

Getting a Head

What to do when your marine sanitation device craps out

By Steve Hodges

My wife, Susan, and I had sailed to Santa Cruz Island and stayed in Prisoners Harbor. Lovely weather, a lovely anchorage—what could be nicer than being on a sailboat in paradise? But the fun stops when the head does, and that signaled the beginning of the end for that trip.

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