Free safe boating media now online


To promote safe boating, United States Power Squadrons has launched its new Digital Media Library online and as a free mobile app.

A showcase and repository for digital media focused on boating safety and safe boating education, the USPS DML includes a series of original videos showing how to prepare popular recreational motorboats for departure, operate underway, dock, secure them at their destinations, and more. Slideshows and images offer additional safe-boating educational material, boating-safety messages and tips.

All digital media in the library is offered to the public at no charge. Users can sign up to be notified when new material is added to the library and to request information about particular boating topics.

“USPS DML videos target today’s recreational boaters who can benefit from timely reminders of safe boating practices and skills,” said Marty Lafferty, USPS DML project manager. “Boat operators can bookmark DML videos of most value to them for playback on their tablets or smartphones just before engaging in boat maneuvers.”

The project is supported by the Sport Fish ­Restoration and Boating Trust Fund, administered by the U.S. Coast Guard. Lafferty directed many USPS members and squadrons in the production of the videos.

To access the material, visit You can also subscribe to the USPS DML YouTube channel and check out videos and behind the scenes content at the USPS DML Facebook page or follow USPS DML on Twitter.

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