In Memory

Hubert H. Bordeaux

It is with great sadness that I report the death of P/C Hubert Bordeaux, SN-IC, of Cape Fear Sail & Power Squadron on Tuesday, October 10, 2023. Our beloved Hubert was a two-time squadron commander: in 1968 and in 2005. Over his 61-year career with the squadron (the longest-standing member we had still with us), Hubert earned 58 merit marks. Almost every year of his service, Hubert volunteered to be of help in many positions in the squadron. He was a certified instructor until 2016, when he stepped down from that role. Over his many years as a teacher, he helped many of us cope with learning the ins and outs of boating and seamanship.

In recent years, he served as fleet chaplain as well as port captain for the inland and ICW waters. Hubert brought kindness, humility and a vast knowledge of seamanship to each job he performed over the many years of his membership. His guidance for new members as well as new officers was always invaluable on the best way to fulfill the duties, jobs and leadership required. I know they were for me.

Hubert and his beloved wife, Helen, were active in the squadron over the years and built many, many friendships that have lasted the test of time. Their participation in the squadron’s events has always been a treat for me, as I know it has for others.

The list of boating accomplishments for the Bordeaux family is long and successful. In addition, they were avid boaters and spent many years on the water practicing the craft of seamanship so dear to each of them. I remember just a couple of years ago, when Hubert was near 90, that he took his boat to have the bottom painted. He was a sailor to the end, and a great one.

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