Boating accessories

New boat accessories for the spring

By Craig Grosby

Shurhold Landing Net


    • Large, 17″ x 20″ x 30″
    • Tough and durable


    • None
Landing Net
The Shurhold Landing Net is not just another fishing net. Shurhold is so confident in your fishing abilities that they’ve called it a “landing net.” It’s made from a treated nylon, so it’s tough and tangle-free. The rust-resistant stainless steel frame is strong and generously sized to handle any good-size fish you land. The easy-to-store landing net fits on Shurhold’s Shur-Lok Handle (sold separately) and does not take up a lot of space. You can adjust the Shur-Lok handle to whatever length you need, and the Shur-Lok mechanism allows you to hold the net at precisely the right angle. If your fishing needs require something slightly different, Shurhold also makes a crab net, a shrimp and shad dip net, and a fishing gaff.

Shurhold Deluxe Water Sprite Towel


    • Large, 24″ x 31″
    • Quick-drying
    • Self-storing


    • None
Water Sprite Towel
After you land that fish and get back to the dock, you will need to wash and dry the boat. At just over 5 square feet, the Shurhold Water Sprite Towel is super soft and lint-free, and it comes in a nice pouch for storage. The towel gobbles up water like a sponge, making it great for drying the dashboard, vinyl, Strataglass or Eisenglass, stainless steel, and just about anything you want dried in a hurry. Simply wet it with cool, clean water, wring it out, and start wiping. When you’re done, wring it out one last time, and either let it dry out completely or place it in its storage pouch for immediate use the next time. It’s also great for quick drying jobs after a short rain.

Wearandtear Pads
$23.30 for 2


    • Easy to use
    • Sticks to any surface


    • None
WearandTear Pads
Another great accessory, the WearandTear Pad from YEW Enterprises is exactly what it sounds like. Let’s say you have mooring lines that chafe against the coping or a sheet that rubs on the gunnel; you can place this ingenious self-­adhesive pad on any flat or curved gelcoat or varnished surface to protect against chafe. On my boat, I placed it where the anchor chain has gouged the fiberglass just in front of the windlass. It’s holding up well, despite the chain bouncing over it. Made from ultra-thin marine-grade stainless steel, the 2-by-9-inch pad is flexible enough to stick to just about any radius or curve. The self-adhesive tape is very sticky and enables a semi-permanent installation; to remove, simply apply a heat gun for a few minutes to loosen the glue.

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