In Memory

P/Lt Ralph Morse, JN

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P/Lt Ralph Morse, JN
P/Lt Ralph Morse, JN; photo courtesy of South Florida Sun Sentinel. Used with permission.

On 7 Dec. 2014 award-winning photographer and 30-year USPS member Ralph Morse passed away at 97. During his long career with Life and Time magazines, Ralph’s creative images captured history’s most memorable moments and people. A war correspondent in World War II, he later photographed the Mercury 7 astronauts and became known as the “eighth astronaut.”

Ralph joined Lackawanna Sail & Power Squadron/4 in 1968. He moved to Florida after retirement and became active in Palm Beach Sail & Power Squadron/8, where he volunteered as photographer, public relations officer and vessel safety examiner. He earned nine merit marks. Ralph enjoyed being on the water aboard Lifetime.[/vc_column][/vc_row]