In Memory

P/R/C Robert A. Green, N

By Gregory T. Scotten

On 6 Feb. 2015, Past Rear Commander Robert A. Green, N, passed away peacefully. He is survived by his wife, Linda-Sue, four children, and nine grandchildren.

Bob Green
P/R/C Bob Green, N

In 1968 Bob purchased a 32-foot cruiser and joined Northern New Jersey Power Squadron to learn about boating. He soon became public relations officer, attracting large boating classes with his aggressive publicity efforts. Bob served as district PR officer before chairing the Public Relations Committee.

He created national interest for boating courses with public service announcements involving renowned showman Joey Bishop, actor John Wayne, and sports celebrity Joe Namath. Bob got New York’s WNBC-TV to run 13 half-hour segments presenting a mini-boating course.

Bob then served as commander of his squadron and district. In 1985 he chaired the Safety Committee. He persuaded the Hearst Corporation to invest $300,000 for an 86-minute USPS Video Boating Course with closed captioning for the hearing impaired, which he arranged through Gallaudet University.

Bob later chaired three United States Power Squadrons anniversary committees. He convinced all 52 state and territorial governors to sign the USPS 90th anniversary proclamation. For the USPS 100th anniversary, he helped obtain a letter from President Barack Obama.

Bob secured several grants, including a $206,000 small boat safety grant and a $200,000 Aquatic Resources Grant. Both involved sharing video productions.

As Marketing/Public Relations Committee chair and a member of the Operating Committee in 2007, Bob helped design an online version of PRO-LOG, the public relations guide he created and edited for 40 years.

Through the William and Bertha Green Foundation, Bob donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to squadrons and districts as well as to the national organization over the years. He provided personal funding for marketing professionals and professors to inform the organization. Through an art project he co-chaired, USPS headquarters obtained a second original painting by renowned maritime artist Don Demers.

During Bob’s 48-year USPS membership, he often did what others considered impossible. His energy, enthusiasm and idealism made him seem larger than life.

Bob Green and friends
Artist Donald Demers, then-C/C Arthur H. Farr, SN, and P/R/C Robert A. Green, N, unveil the USPS 85th Anniversary Painting at the Boston Yacht Club in 1999.