Reorganization Committee status report

Ad Hoc Reorganization Committee


Please take a moment to download and read the September 2022 ad hoc Reorganization Committee status report, which provides an update on the committee and national department reorganization activities. The report includes a comprehensive set of recommendations for national leaders, departments, and committees for strengthening our organization and improving support to clubs and members.

USPS life centers around our local clubs, making clubs key to member satisfaction and our overall success. We recognize the importance of local clubs and advocate on their behalf to improve club support and service.

Please distribute this report to other interested members.

Download the status report

Ad Hoc Reorganization Committee

Created by the Board of Directors, the ad hoc Reorganization Committee is led by Craig Fraser and includes David Allen, Allan Bombard, John Crawford, Bob David, Dave Fine, Myles Gee, Paul Mermelstein, Tracy Simpson, and Ralph Ziegler.

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