Step-by-step fiberglass deck repair

Chris Leavitt


Houston Sail & Power Squadron/21 member Richard Lipham solved a big problem for Sea Scout Ship 1996. The ship’s main training boat, a 1973 Santana 30, had developed a crack in the outer fiberglass skin under a deck stanchion. The core became soggy, and finally, pressure on the stanchion broke a hole through the deck. Here’s a step-by-step look at the repair.

  • fiberglass deck repair step 1
    Drill holes in the outer layer of the deck to determine the extent of wood rot in the deck core. Using an eyedropper, fill the holes with RX for Dry, Rotted Wood. The compound binds with the good wood and fills the spaces surrounding rotted wood, reinforcing and strengthening the deck.

Cdr Chris Leavitt, JN, of Houston Sail & Power Squadron/21 has been a Boy Scout leader since 1993, a Sea Scout Leader since 2000 and teaches seamanship, sailing and navigation. He has two sons and a wonderful wife of 37 years.

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