Submission guidelines

Submission guidelines

Our publications couldn’t exist without writers, photographers, and avid boaters like you. Our contributors have gone on to publish books and win writing awards, so you’re in good company.

Even if you doubt your writing skills, your passion for and knowledge of boating will shine through. Plus, you’ll have a professional editorial staff to polish your prose until it sparkles.

How to submit articles

Email articles as Word or PDF files with minimal formatting. Don’t forget to include your name and squadron if you are a member.

What types of articles to submit

We accept all types of articles. Here are a few categories below to get you started. Please email us if you’d like more feedback or are unsure of how to proceed.

  • How-to pieces including maintenance, repair, safety, seamanship, and boat handling tips for both beginners and seasoned boaters as well as cautionary tales of boating blunders
  • Squadron stories featuring civic service projects, educational and social activities with photos if possible
  • Feature articles about exciting boating adventures, cruising destinations, boating how-to’s, DIY projects, and more
  • Lighter fare about how your boat got its name, the history behind your squadron’s burgee, family-friendly humor, nautical expressions, quotes, and more
  • Boating news including legislative issues, new products and product recalls, uncharted hazards, and more
  • USPS news about projects and programs that explain the subject’s impact and importance to readers

Basic writing tips

  • Don’t include previously published information without attribution. Identify all sources by name and use quotation marks for direct quotes.
  • Use active rather than passive voice when possible. For example, “John lowered the anchor” (active) versus “The anchor was lowered” (passive).
  • Double-check the spelling of the names of all people and places mentioned.

How to submit photos

Email original high-resolution digital files.  Please include a separate text file with captions identifying the people, places, and objects. You must obtain permission to publish from all adults and written permission from the parents of all minor children photographed