Water system eliminates spots on your boat

Water system eliminates spots on your boat

By Craig Grosby

CR Spotless Water Systems
Starting at $349.99


    • Eliminates water spots
    • Great for isinglass
    • Total dissolved solids meter
    • Easy to use


    • Limited amount of clean water
    • Expensive replacement cartridges
The CR Spotless Water System, a portable de-ionization unit, produces clean, ultra-purified water for washing boats, cars, motorcycles and RVs. Water purified by the system contains no minerals and leaves no water spots.

Water spots occur because water contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium and other dissolved mineral salts. When the water evaporates, these minerals leave hard-to-remove rings or water spots on isinglass, painted surfaces, hulls, hatches and just about everywhere on your boat. We squeegee, chamois, polish and towel dry to get rid of these nasty water spots, but wouldn’t it be nice to just rinse the boat and walk away?

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