Water system eliminates spots on your boat

Craig Grosby


CR Spotless Water Systems

MSRP $349.99
  • Eliminates water spots
  • Great for isinglass
  • Total dissolved solids meter
  • Easy to use
  • Limited amount of clean water
  • Expensive replacement cartridges

The CR Spotless Water System, a portable de-ionization unit, produces clean, ultra-purified water for washing boats, cars, motorcycles, and RVs. Water purified by the system contains no minerals and leaves no water spots.

Water spots occur because water contains minerals such as calcium, magnesium, sodium, and other dissolved mineral salts. When the water evaporates, these minerals leave hard-to-remove rings or water spots on isinglass, painted surfaces, hulls, hatches, and just about everywhere on your boat. We squeegee, chamois, polish, and towel dry to get rid of these nasty water spots, but wouldn’t it be nice to just rinse the boat and walk away?

Easy to use, the CR Spotless Water System works with replaceable resin cartridges. The system’s total dissolved solids meter starts out registering all zeros, but when the meter reaches 30 parts per million or more, the resin has been depleted. You can either change the cartridge (more expensive but easier) or replace the resin (cheaper but less convenient, as you must properly dispose of the used resin).

The system’s water restrictor maintains optimal water flow at 2.5 gallons per minute. The DIC-20 cleans 300 gallons of water on one cartridge, and the DIC-10 model handles 100 gallons. Each unit comes with a powder-coated metal cart for transporting it to the dock.

The setup instructions are clear and well documented with good photos. After easily assembling the unit, I put it straight to work. The water smelled clean, and the environmentally friendly deck soap foamed up right away. I usually have to wash and rinse a section at a time to minimize water spots, but the spots never showed up. I finished in record time and didn’t need to go back, re-rinse, and wipe everything down to eliminate water spots. I was nothing short of amazed.

Since the unit I used only cleans 300 gallons and replacement cartridges are a little pricey, I recommend using it for the final rinse only. The job it does and the time it saves are well worth the investment, and I highly recommend this unit.

Craig Grosby, P, is an avid sailor and has been a member of the United States Power Squadron since 1986. He lives in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, and sails aboard Flyer, a Hunter 35.5 Legend.

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