Your Educational Fund Donations at Work

Shirley Heald


If you haven’t thanked your USPS Educational Fund trustees lately, please take the time to tell them how much you appreciate their managing your contributions and their efforts in providing funds that create products and strategies that further our mission and help grow our organization.

The trustees recently generously approved a Board of Directors request to help us fund the implementation of an association management platform that will form the basis of member management, dues collection and payment, local squadron microsites, and eventually provide a vehicle for purchasing our course materials either online or via local squadron credit card payment in phase II of the implementation.

This is a tremendous investment in the growth and longevity of our organization and its mission at the national, club and district levels. We are eternally indebted to the Educational Fund for this generous grant.

Your contributions to the Educational Fund or the USPS Endowment Fund are extremely valuable, and the return on your investment is exponential in terms of the growth of our organization.

For further information on how to invest in the longevity of USPS through a tax-exempt contribution to either of our investment funds, please visit the USPS Educational Fund and USPS Endowment Fund websites and donate today!

Shirley Heald

Shirley Heald began boating later in life after completing a sailing voyage on the Texas Gulf Coast aboard a friend’s Cape Dory 36. Smitten with boating and sailing, she vowed to learn the skills needed to voyage more often. After taking an American Sailing Association basic sailing course, Shirley took the ASA bareboating class, a basic boating course, and teamed up with friends looking for a good deckhand for Friday night sails or weekend getaways. She began sailboat racing in the Dallas area, which ultimately led her to United States Power Squadrons by way of a mutual sailing friend. Shirley joined the Dallas Sail & Power Squadron/21 in 1990 and quickly attained the grade of Advanced Pilot. She became squadron commander in 1996 and district commander in 2009. During her tenure in Dallas, she also taught the basic boating and sail classes. Next, Shirley began taking extended charter cruises with USPS friends in Greece, Maine, and the Texas Gulf Coast. Much to the dismay of her sailing friends, she purchased a Bombardier Sea-Doo Sportster 4-TEC jet boat, "The Well Heald," at a Dallas boat show and trailered it to many squadron events. After Dallas Squadron dissolved, Shirley became a member of Houston Sail & Power Squadron/21, where she is learning to kayak and looking forward to helping teach the basic boating class with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

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