author wearing red hat and a life jacket at the helm of his boat with his young grandson beside him

Learning from experience

Returning from a late summer cruise to Provincetown, Massachusetts, my wife, Sharon, and I anchored in Loblolly Cove on the eastern side of Cape Ann. …

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Boat in the water at the dock after being hit by Hurricane Ian

Strapping saves

Hurricane Ian teaches boaters valuable lesson We didn’t expect a hurricane forecast to hit the Florida panhandle or Tampa to slam Cape Coral as a …

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Photo illustration of a fire board a boat on the water

Lessons from a boat fire

Back in 2020, Beth and I took a cruise up North Carolina’s Albemarle Sound, accompanied by another couple in their boat. One morning, while putting …

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Lobster pot with a white toggle tied to it; the connecting line is underwater and in position to snag the keel of an unsuspecting boat. Avoid this pattern of two floats—one vertical and one horizontal.

Hook knife saves the day

After Maine boater goes afoul of lobster pot lines, he uses a hook knife to cut at the lines that wrapped around his prop.

Photo of the sailboat Pauline after being sunk by Hurricane Ian

The Resurrection of Pauline

After Fort Myers Power Squadron Commander Gene Kent’s beloved 1976 Irwin sailboat, Pauline, sank at the dock during Hurricane Ian in September 2022, he told …

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Matt and Keeko in the water

Quick thinking on the sound

Thanks to his boating knowledge, a boater is prepared to stop an urgent situation on the water from turning into an emergency.

Small Craft Advisories

Heed Small Craft Advisories

After ignoring a Small Craft Advisory, and his own gut, a boater encounters rough seas when he sets out on the Long Island Sound.