Florida Keys Shakedown Cruise

Florida Keys Shakedown Cruise

Committed to the liveaboard life, Ken and Lynn Baehr sold everything—business, house, car—to pursue their cruising dream. They asked me and my wife, Priscilla, to …

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Antique Boat Museum in Clayton, New York

Octogenarian Odyssey Part II

To celebrate both of us turning 80 and our 60th wedding anniversary, my husband, David, and I took a long-distance cruise on the Down East …

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Matt and Keeko in the water

Quick thinking on the sound

Thanks to his boating knowledge, a boater is prepared to stop an urgent situation on the water from turning into an emergency.

Life jackets for paddlers

A life jacket, or personal flotation device, is the most important personal safety device for boaters, and all mariners should wear one while on the …

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Anchor dragging

Stop, Star Dust, Stop

While cruising with her husband, one sailor awakes to find her boat’s anchor dragging. Read her account of how they saved their boat.

Great Lakes Adventure

Sunday afternoon, July 3 The deep blue sky had just a few picturesque fluffy white clouds. A cold front had brought down the temperature and …

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Scoop rescue is used when someone has capsized and becomes incapicated or injured.

Capsize Recovery

Paddlers new to the sport or those occasionally renting a boat are focused on all the fun they will have exploring rivers, lakes, or the …

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Hells Canyon

To Hells Canyon and back

One boater recounts his family’s trip to Hells Canyon on a paddlewheeler via Columbia River and Snake River.