Arial image of the Ohio River

Ohio River cruise

A few Columbus Sail & Power Squadron/29 members drove to Ripley, Ohio, one Thursday in August 2021 to get a jump on the weekend. We …

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Photo illustration of a fire board a boat on the water

Lessons from a boat fire

Back in 2020, Beth and I took a cruise up North Carolina’s Albemarle Sound, accompanied by another couple in their boat. One morning, while putting …

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Paddlecraft safety features come in handy when you need to perform a self rescue

Paddlecraft safety features

Most recreational power vessels under 20 feet must meet minimum flotation requirements set forth in the Federal Requirements for Boats. Paddlecraft are exempted from these …

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Canal boating in France bridge in Verdun

Canal Boating in France

France has two popular types of canal boats—large boats with captain and crew for 80 or more passengers and small boats with no crew for …

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Prusik knot in boat climbing gear

Boat climbing gear

As you plan for the next boating season, you may want to consider outfitting your vessel with some boat climbing gear. Loop sling Among the …

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