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Prusik knot in boat climbing gear

Boat climbing gear

As you plan for the next boating season, you may want to consider outfitting your vessel with some boat climbing gear. Loop sling Among the …

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photo of a paper chart

Updating paper charts

If you’re considering a significant voyage this coming boating season, now is a good time to examine and update your backup paper charts—especially those printed …

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After restoration, a classic Larsen project boat

Project Boat

Boater gets more than he bargained for with a free classic Larsen open runabout, a project boat if there ever was one.

DIY bird deterrent

DIY bird deterrent for your boat

This time I’m sharing a project developed by friend and fellow Charlotte Power Squadron member Doug Carlson. Doug and I often get together for breakfast …

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Photo of hole in fuel tank caused by galvanic corrosion

Diesel fuel tank repair

Would you believe that a stainless steel washer could cause an estimated $20,000 in damage to your boat? That was an estimate given to remove …

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